Eyes Up EP available to pre order from iTunes 8th April

On the 8th of April you will be able to pre order Eyes Up EP from iTunes.  This will be the first time everyone can preview the songs from it!!…

The release of my first ever music video ‘Just One Soldier’

What an amazing week it has been! I finally revealed the long awaited music video I have been talking about so much. The lead track off my EP Eyes Up…

Studio Time!!!

Hey Everyone!! I’ve had an amazing week this week recording my EP with the wonderful producers Red Triangle.  It’s such a good feeling to arrive in the studio with 4…

Goodbye Puppies :-(

Hey Everyone, I have made it NO secret that my doggie had puppies before Christmas!  She gave birth to 4 beautiful boys and I have absolutely loved spending time with…

Thank You!!!

Last night I asked if any of my Twitter Followers wanted to help me promote my latest Youtube video of ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay.  I couldn’t believe how many of…

Carelle’s LAWSON cover

A few weeks ago I noticed Andy Brown from Lawson tweeted about loving the Country band Gloriana so I decided to cover my favourite Lawson song and give it my…

Carelle features on BBC Introducing: The South

I was really honoured to receive a phone call from Phil Jackson saying he has checked out my music and would love to feature my song ‘When I Turn Away’…

Chart-topper Carelle on why she loves Country music

To read full interview click here.

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    Today's outfit... A Marks & Spencers plastic bag (very on trend) accompanied by a plastic duck accessory to tie the whole look together... 🛀🚿 #showertime

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    My guitar has been in repair for a bazillion years and I'm very happy to have him home... Been ages since I've done one of these sooo here's a bit of Rihanna 😊👋

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    Last night while you were all sleeping peacefully a spider decided to crawl into my bed and bite my leg... Sofa bound with a sick bowl and the spider still chilling in my bedroom somewhere. YAY!!!